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With 20 years experience working in world renowned festivals, shopping malls and A&P shows both in New Zealand and across the globe, Jeremy Penguin offers a fantastic

family entertainment solution for your festival or event!

Street Festivals/A&P Shows

Jeremy Penguin has performed at many national and international

street festivals and A&P shows over the years.

Jeremy Penguin is an experienced performer with a solid and strong show which successfully adds a unique character and world class juggling to any festival or

show situation.

Edinburgh Fringe
Fire Clubs 2
5 Balls 1
Fire Club pattern 1


Christchurch World Buskers Festival - NZ

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - UK

Coffs Harbour Street Festival - Aus

Winchester Hat Fair - UK

Auckland International Buskers Festival - NZ

A&P Shows

Southland A&P Show - NZ

West Otago A&P Show - NZ

The Royal Canberra Show - Aus

The Royal Queensland Show - Aus

Shopping Malls

The Mr Jeremy Penguin show is absolutely perfect for shopping malls!

A fun and interactive comedy juggling show presented by one of New Zealands best and most experienced comedy jugglers.

With a wealth of experience Jeremy has presented the Mr Jeremy Penguin show around the world performing in shopping malls in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, UAE and China.

Show includes

World class juggling to 7 objects

Hilarious audience interaction

A touch of magic

Inflatable penguin outfits

Unique LED performance

Visually dangerous finale

Mall plate
Mall 3 rings
5 Balls 1
Mall copy
Mall 5 rings
Close 2

Music Festivals

Jeremy Penguin is a colourful fun and happy roving juggler who can add the perfect amount of wow factor to any music festival

He has an incredible ability to put himself in the right position to enhance the overall visual atmosphere of the festival, whilst always working in with the timing of the music

Jeremy can dance and juggle 5 objects!!

3 Balls
LED Poi e
5 Ring Fest
LED Poi a
LED 5 a
Fire Club pattern 1

Skills available

1-7 UV Juggling Balls

1-7 UV Juggling Rings

1-5 UV Juggling Clubs

Programmable LED Poi

Fire Juggling Clubs

Fire Poi

Fire Staff

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